Do you grow your own food? Do you think this is a strange question to ask? Have you ever thought about it? Or are you already familiar with the deep feeling of satisfaction that kicks in, when one is carrying in a basket full of fruits from one’s own garden? Well however the answer might be: I’m glad you found us here! I’d love to take you along my journey to a more healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle. And it is all about food: I love to grow it, I love to cook it and of course(!) to enjoy it. 

My interest in food stems from my curiosity for new tastes and smells and the more I learned, the more questions I had. I began researching where our food comes from and what it does to fuel our bodies and to make us happy. By getting to know the things I ate, I also learned to appreciate them more and I grew more picky regarding where my meals came from. As a result I now try to grow as much food as I can in my own garden. It is far not enough to fully sustain my family but growing our own food teaches us a whole lot about nature, nutrients und nurturing.

So please come with us! Let us find new ways to grow food in an everyday, suburban setup. Let us try out new recipes to make the best of our harvest and let us lend each other a hand to concur the stepping stones along the way.