Flammkuchen with beetroot and goats cheese

Written by Green-Thumb-Kitchen Master

Flammkuchen is crispy, a pizza type dish from the boarder region between France and Germany. It is quick to prepare as it needs no time to proof the dough and the unique salty, savory yet sweet taste of Flammkuchen with beetroot and goats cheese is a true crowd pleaser.

Traditionally the toppings only consist of a special type of sour cream, bacon and onions, but the possibilities are endless.

We highly encourage you to use any toppings you like, or whatever your garden or the markets have to offer. Just keep in mind to balance out flavors: salty with sweet, sour with mild, and so on.

With this recipe you can fill 2 cookie sheets with Flammkuchen.

What you need to make Flammkuchen with beetroot and goats cheese

Time you need

Preparation Time: 30 min
Time in the Oven: 15 min

Ingredients you need for the dough

250 g (2 cups) of flour plus some extra to roll out the dough
2 table spoons of olive oil
2 pinches of salt
125 ml (1/2 cup) of water

Ingredients you need for the topping

200 g (1 cup) of sour cream or “Schmand” if you can get it
200 g (2 cups) of a soft goats cheese, ideally a feta type
3 medium sized cooked beetroots
1 hand full of young beetroot leaves
2 small red onions

Beetroot leaves are edible and really taste plus packed with nutrients. Most of the time they get thrown away – such a waste in our opinion!

What you need to do

First, prepare your veggies by cutting them to a size that makes them cook in about the same time. As the beetroot is cooked already you don’t need to fuzz about this one. I just cut it into fine slices. The onions as well get cut into fine rings.

I used young and tender beetroot leaves, as older ones tend to get woody. The thin stalks I left whole, while cutting the thicker ones lengthwise (with leaves and all) so they would cook evenly.

Preheat the oven to 240 °C or 470°F.

Prepare the dough by mixing all ingredients together. You can use a food processor to make things easier. The dough will be quite sticky so you’ll need to flour the surface and rolling pin well to roll out the dough. Try to get it as fine and even as possible, the shape doesn’t matter.

Season the sour cream with salt and pepper and spread it onto the dough. Then top it off with the veggies, starting with the beetroot leaves. Try to flatten them onto the cream so they stay moist and don’t burn in the oven. The other veggies can be layered on top.

Then bake everything for 10 min. After that, crumble on your goats cheese, turn down the heat and give the Flammkuchen another 5 min in the oven for the cheese to soften.

Serve your beetroot and goats cheese Flammkuchen with fresh young wine, cider or dark beer and enjoy!

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